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Full CABEA Support Wear System

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As a registered nurse working 12 hour shifts, the Babybellyband is a life saver! While on my feet most of the day, the belly and shoulder bands lift my abdomen and alleviate uncomfortable round ligament and lower back pain.  Postpartum I've worn it for hip support. The adjustable and removable components make the Babybellyband perfect for all stages of pregnancy and beyond."


This product was life changing. I went from being unable to stand up without pain for more than a few minutes to resuming my normal life! There were even lasting effects.  It also helped with my pelvic girdle pain which developed later on in the pregnancy. I've already recommended it to so many friends. Money well spent!


As an elementary teacher and mom to two little boys, I was barely able to make it through the day the pain I had due to an inguinal hernia. I purchased the ab band, groin bands and shoulder straps. I felt immediate relief; I am back to lifting weights, doing cardio, and living a normal life.  I recommend this product to everyone. I don't know how I would have made it through my pregnancy without it.