Ultra Soft Hot and Cold Therapy Packs

CABEA Orthopedic Designs

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Ultra Soft Hot and Cold Therapy Packs by CABEA

Hot and Cold Therapy Packs 7.5" x 5" by CABEA for Ice and Heat Therapy. Covered in soft nylon, cloth fabric. High Quality packs are reusable and washable.
Contain gel for soft, flexible maneuvering around affected area of pain or swelling. Freezer and Microwave safe.  Perfect for use with vulvar varicosities, pubic symphysis dysfuntion  (spd), edema, episiotomy, cesarean section (c-section) wound, swelling, sore muscles  

Size: 7.5" x 5"

For Cold Therapy: freeze or place in refrigerator for 2 hours prior to use.

For Heat Therapy : microwave for 30 seconds or until desired temperature

Hand washed with mild soap or detergent.

Cool Pack Indicated uses:

  • reduce swelling of Vulvar Varicosities
  • reduce pain and swelling pubic symphysis dysfunction (spd)
  • reduce pain and swelling of episiotomy
  • reduce inflammation to strained muscles
  • reduce inflammation to bruised muscles
  • reduce swelling in C-section wound area

Heat Pack Indicated uses:

  • increase flexibility to stiff muscles, joints, ligaments or tendons.
  • apply to muscle spasms to reduce pain
  • increase range of motion to stiff muscles